Luxury Roundtable Conference: Engaging Gens X, Y & Z

I'll be speaking with other senior executives and decision-makers at the 2nd Annual Luxury Roundtable 2017: Engaging Gens X, Y & Z, a conference organized by Luxury Daily discussing a serious issue facing luxury marketers: how to drive and sustain demand from Generations X, Y and Z whose shopping habits are strikingly different from the silent generation and baby boomers.

Our panel will explore:

  • What it means to each post-boomer generation and how they interpret luxury even among a wealthy base
  • Adapting to new mores and technology-driven shifts - what does a luxury brand stand for as the current customer base ages and the younger, affluent cohorts define luxury in less material terms?
  • How far should brands go from their roots to woo Gens X, Y and Z – or should they stand their ground?  

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